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Discord: nikkozoja#4215

In-game-name: D. Jone

Age: 14

How long have you a member of WPRP? 1 week

How are you able to handle stressful environments? I am able to handle stressful environments by taking information in and comprehending it.

Have you been LEO before on this or another server? I have been a member of many servers as BCSO, SAHP, and LAPD.

What do you think the job of SAHP is? (minimum 20 words) I think the job of SAHP is to enforce the laws of the state. Also to make sure everyone is driving safely.

Why do you want to join SAHP? (minimum 25 words) I want to join SAHP because I feel like this is the right fit for me, also I love to RP with other players as a LEO.

Why should we choose you over others? (minimum 25 words) You should chose me over others because I have past experience as an LEO on FiveM servers. Also I can help devlop new things for the server.

What skills can you bring to the community(Ex: Google Docs Skills or Vehicle Skin Development)?
I have worked with Skin Development, Rosters, Docs, and vehicle implementation 


Accepted. DM me on discord.

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