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Diego's Communications application


[b]Discord Name (e.g. Jack Daniels#8541)[/b]


In-Game Name




How long have you been a member of WPRP RP?

About 5 days

How active can you be online as Communications?

When there are 4+ people in RTO.

Why do you want to join Communications?

I was in Comms in 5-0 and I believe I made a pretty good dispatch. I also know most of the 10- Codes, and have memorized them.

Do you have Law Enforcement experience on this or another server? If so, specify.

Yes, I'm actually the sheriff of BCSO in this server.

What is the job of a dispatcher in your own words?

The job of a dispatcher is to take calls from 911 and also dispatch units in RTO to help the fellow civs of Blaine County.

What qualities do you possess that distinguish you from other applicants?

I know most 10- Codes and I have experience on another server. I posses  qualities that I believe it would take about 1 month for a starter to get to where I am.

[b]What skills can you bring to the community(Ex: Google Docs Skills or Vehicle Skin Development)?[/b]

I'm currently staff on the server and I monitor the server, I also wrote some SOP's for BCSO.



Congratulations you will be given your role after training

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