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SAFR Application

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Discord: In-game-name:


Region (Ex. EU, NA):

How long have you been with Wolfpack Roleplay?:
Since the beginning and also since 5-0/A-1

How well are you able to handle strict environments? (25 words min.):
Yes i am, i have been in mulitple LE departments as well as Fire chief and i think getting back into Fire Rescue would be something i enjoy.

In your own words, what do you think SAFR does? (25 words min.):
SAFR keeps the community safe and establishes a safe and protective enviroment with the community as well as making sure everyone stays healthy, happy, and safe.

Why should we pick you over other applicants? (25 words min.):
Mainly because i have previous experience working the Medical area as well as the fact that i am training and studying medical currently.

[b]What skills can you bring to the community(Ex: Google Docs Skills or Vehicle Skin Development)?[/b]
I am able to bring leadership skills to the community as well as be able to assist in anything im needed as well as helping with liveries


Jason Z
WolfPack RP

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