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BCSO Application


Discord:Los Angeles#7601



How long have you been with WolfPack Roleplay?
Just got here only two days
Are you able to follow instructions from higher ups?
Yes, I can follow it.
Have you been LEO before on this or another server? (If yes, explain)
What do you think BCSO does?
To drive/patrol at Blaine country and take out speeders and help the citizens with the problem they have. And letting every one following traffic rules
Why do you want to join BCSO? (25 words minimum)
I want to join BCSO is because I think I have the talent to help everyone who needs help and help this community and turn it in to a better FiveM server.
Why should we choose you over other applicants? (25 Words Minimum)
Because I like to drive on those dirt road even though I don't like mud and also I am good at driving in a high speed to catch the suspects vehicle asblong as it's in the BCSO area
Do you understand it may take up to 72 hours for your application to be reviewed?
Yes, I can wait untill the staffs reply.


Application: Denied, please put more effort into your application, you may reapply in 48 hours.
Sincerely BCSO Sheriff Diego.

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