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Full Version: Flynn's BCSO application
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Name: Flynn


Age: 14

Steam Hexadecimal 64bit: 110000100d92c7b (Hex)

Do you own a Legal copy of GTA:V? yES

Tell us about yourself: I played fivem since October 2018, playing with members of this community like polish, and jack. I think I am skilled in police duties in bcso and other divisions.

Why did you choose BCSO? It is a community that I am used to and have a lot of good experiences and members that I am good co-workers with. I think I am skilled in basic police skills and other skills regarding police work.

In your own words, what are the general duties of BCSO? You patrol and area of Blaine county, making sure no crimes are committed and that everyone feels safe in their homes. Taking care of people who endanger our lives, and endanger the world we inhabit.

Do you have any experience as LEO? Yes, since October 2018. Working with most members of a-1 that have moved here etc.

Please create a detailed scenario (i.e 911 call, traffic stop, crime scene, etc.) On a traffic stop, you would turn on your lights and bleep at the suspect, then you would proceed to pull behind them with your right front headlight to their left backlight. You would then signal to dispatch and let them know that you are on a traffic stop, the road and your status. You would then possibly tell dispatch the license plate if you'd like, or check it yourself on cad for any stolen vehicle reports. Then you would get out of your vehicle, and then approach the suspect's window from the other side of the road, on the safe side. Then you would knock, and as for I.d and registration, and wait for them to receive it and then go back to your car and enter those into the cad. If they do not comply then, ask them to leave and then follow the appropriate steps. In the cad, you would look for any suspicions like active warrants, and then check if their name checks out with the license registration, and more. Then you'd write a citation and let them give it to them, letting them know when to pay it and why they are paying it. then you would get in the car and tell them that they can drive away when the lights go off.

Do you have any skills that can be useful in BCSO? Police, Shooting skills, critical thinking, maturity etc.